Holiday gift guide: Get your last-minute shopping done STAT!

There are only a few days left before the Holiday celebrations with family and friends really kick in. For all of you who are ready to welcome guests with all your gifts already wrapped and under the Christmas tree, hats off!

For the remaining last-minute shoppers, we’ve got you covered! We are sure that the magic of the Holiday spirit will help you finalize your Christmas preparations on time!

Here are some tips to help you get a head start on buying gifts for everyone on your list and no matter what their tastes. 

Ready, set…go!

For loved ones who have a lot of energy

We all know someone who can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes or who needs to burn off energy with sports. Show these high-octane individuals you care with a gift that is worthy of their athletic performance!

Offer them gift cards from their favourite sports or outdoor store. You could even buy an introductory session to a new activity. Idolem yoga chaud, Escalade Clip ‘n Climb, La Cordée, 42.2 Course Marche: are just some of the options you have shopping at our centre! And why not participate with them? They’ll be twice as happy with their gift.  !

For budding epicureans

Offer friends and family members a delicious culinary journey thanks to the gift packages available with our many gourmet destinations. Get insipired by Asian, Lebanese, Mexican, French, Italian, Californian and Greek cuisine—just to name a few! Centropolis opens the gateway to the flavours of the world!

Do you know many beer lovers? Give them the opportunity to discover or rediscover craft beer from microbreweries, such as Les Enfants Terribles, Les 3 Brasseurs and Le Balthazar bières québécoises. You can enjoy a brew on site or to go! Cheers!  

For thrill seekers

It’s not always to find gifts for people who live their lives like there is no tomorrow. Your best bet? One-of-a-kind experiences!  

S.Cape creates a real race against time. This escape room concept features real interactive adventures that will stimulate participants’ capacity to solve riddles and puzzles—and manage their stress levels!

For a sportier activity, why not purchase indoor surf lessons at Maeva Surf? It is the ideal gift for surf lovers as well as people who aren’t afraid of getting wet! Ok, you won’t be hanging 10 on the waves in California—but almost!

Are you envisioning an even bolder gift for loved ones who are real, bona fide thrill seekers? Then you need to consider SkyVenture, a free-fall simulator that lets you experience the sensations of being a paratrooper. A guaranteed adrenaline rush!

For teenagers looking for new interests

Ah, the teenage years! The time in our lives that we change our interests every 2 weeks to stay cool with our friends, adopt the latest trends, or simply try new things. If you are looking for gifts for your favourite teenagers and have no idea what to get them for Christmas, tell yourself one thing. They probably don’t know what they want either. Here are some safe bets.

Because their social lives take up a huge chunk of their time, we recommend offering teens activities they can enjoy with their friends (or you, if you’re lucky!). An all-expenses-paid at  Cineplex with popcorn included or an evening playing boardgames at Randolph Pub Ludique are definitely winning combos. For high-tech teens that can’t get enough of video games, we strongly recommend virtual reality experiences at  MontVR. You can also head on over to EB Games. You’ll be the coolest parents around!

For the hosts that you don’t know very well

Each year, you’re invited to many parties and suppers during the Holidays. But you don’t always know what to give the hosts as a thank-you gift. We’ve got some ideas!

Stop by our Marché Gourmand to offer your hosts premium-quality products. You’ll find artisan gourmet products from Première Moisson, authentic and exclusive extra-virgin olive oils at Olive & Olives, an limited-edition terroir coffees at Brûleries FARO. Don’t forget to stop by our Ricardo Boutique to complete your gift.


For hosts with a sweet tooth, you’ll delight them with handmade chocolates from Juliette & Chocolat or gift sets from Kandju, a wonderful confectionary shop. And you’re done!

The best of all of this? These experiences can be combined in one gift: the  Cominar gift card from Centropolis. Offer those you love carte blanche during the Holidays so that they can eat, have fun, and get energized at Centropolis.

Happy Holidays to everyone! See you in the new year!