Our Environmental Strategy

Each of our actions is undertaken with a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, to ensure the preservation of our planet.

On December 1, 2016, Centropolis was awarded the prestigious LEED-NE Gold certification for the design and construction of 3055, St-Martin West Boulevard. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system recognized as the international standard of excellence for sustainable buildings in over 132 countries.

On a day-to-day basis, our comprehensive approach focuses on 4 key areas: waste management, sustainable mobility support, resource preservation, and urban biodiversity enhancement.

Taking care of our planet means adjusting our habits.

Reducing, Sorting and Managing Waste

We facilitate responsible waste reduction and management for our visitors, our tenants and our workers.

Waste stations located throughout the site encourage the proper sorting of materials, thereby maximizing recycling efforts. Clearly marked receptacles allow the recovery of plastic, glass, metal, and cardboard used by our tenants and our team. Used fluorescent tubes, batteries and paint cans are collected by a firm specializing in the recovery of hazardous materials. They are then processed in accordance with current regulations to avoid contamination in landfills.

Our kitchens are equipped with grease traps to effectively manage this kitchen waste. In addition, we use toilet paper supplies made from recycled material in all of our facilities.

Taking care of our planet means taking action every day.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Located within walking distance of the Le Carrefour terminal, Centropolis is connected to all parts of the city by a dozen STL bus routes. We encourage our customers to use public transit to come and visit us.

Once on site, our destination is designed to be experienced on foot. La Place Centrale brings the community together season after season, because we believe that maintaining proximity encourages human interaction and helps to enliven our neighbourhood.

We’re also committed to making life easier for the area’s cyclists. We have therefore equipped all our parking areas with bike racks. Four (4) electric car charging stations are available to electric vehicle drivers who are members of the FLO network.

Taking care of our planet means planning for the future.

Promoting Active Transportation

Site-wide, both indoors and outdoors, we promote LED lighting, which is much more efficient than conventional lighting. We use technology to calibrate and monitor air conditioning, ventilation and heating equipment. Our energy management systems take seasonality and actual facility use into account. In other words, if it’s late and no one’s there, the lights won’t be on. If the weather has been cool and the soil is damp, plants won’t be watered.

In addition, a maintenance policy consistent with environmental management and sustainable development principles has been established in partnership with Entretien Roy. Our site maintenance is carried out using certified environmentally friendly products and eco-responsible cleaning methods.

Taking care of our planet means respecting all living things.

Promoting Urban Biodiversity

Centropolis is committed to creating and maintaining a high-quality green space for its community. In tangible terms, we aim to support increased biodiversity and biomass, and address heat islands.

To this end, the presence of trees and plants on the site is essential. It reduces the impact of heat islands, improves the visual aspect of the site, and complies with municipal regulations. As a result, local residents have access to a pleasant urban space that is more environmentally friendly.

Our water retention basin collects rainwater and filters it before returning it to the water table. As well, it provides a living, protective and feeding area for birds and small local fauna.

Lastly, the Centropolis vegetable garden fulfills two objectives: it enhances the surrounding environment and helps feed Laval families in need.