A local community, a place to live

Mostra Centropolis

Designed for today’s and tomorrow’s people, Mostra Centropolis blends urban comfort into a soothing environment.

Residents will unwind in its green areas, tell stories around the fireplace, or visit one of the 15th-floor terraces to enjoy a stunning view of our destination before returning to their cozy homes. The new community will have plenty of attractive and pleasant spaces to enjoy themselves in. Proximity to major public transport routes will simplify travel for visitors and residents alike.

An alliance of expertise

Mostra Centropolis embodies the strength of an alliance of unrivalled expertise in commercial real estate.

Created, developed and built in partnership with Cogir and DIVCO, two renowned organizations in their respective fields. Modern and universal, Mostra Centropolis defines the residential experience at Centropolis, Cominar's everyday destination.