Ah, moms!

They are often the heart of the family. They are dedicated, patient, and would give it all to ensure everyone's well-being. As Mother's Day approaches, we share our suggestions for celebrating this special day and spoiling the precious mother figures around you, despite the distance.

A Little Extra to Keep her Balance

Whether she loves the outdoors or likes to stay active on a daily basis, you're sure to find something she'll love among these suggestions.


A must-have for any walking and running enthusiast, in addition to the specialists who are there to advise you! 

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La Cordée

The madness of the bicycle continues this year! Surprise your mom by giving her an accessory she doesn't have yet! 

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A Tasty Surprise

If your mom enjoys cooking or simply loves to discover new flavours, here are a few ideas to satisfy her tastebuds!  


Mother's Day collection, approved by moms. 

Create a personalized gift for her!

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Première Moisson

A sweet gift for your beloved mom! Give her a little treat, specially designed to mark this special day. 

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Juliette & Chocolat

The gourmet set of the Super Mum will surely satisfy your mother! Complete and above all completely chocolate. 

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Whether she's the head cook or not - your mom will be very happy to receive an accessory you can't find in the drawers! Whether it is a basic tool, a decoration or even a zero waste, biodegradable and natural product, you will surely find it. 

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Les Enfants Terribles

Offer a delicious meal to your mom! Are you hesitating between a brunch or a dinner? No problem, we offer you both options! 

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Travelling in the Comfort of her Living Room

Good times with family are always popular. 


Will you choose the virtual game of The Curse or the Pirate Prison? Will she be able to solve all the puzzles and riddles? As you must be at least 4 players, take the opportunity to play with your family! 

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A Well-Deserved Relaxing Moment

With all that’s happened in the past year, taking some time to recharge is important - especially for moms who have given their all!


Is she a fan of gin and tonic? The SAQ offers a large selection of this delicious product. Why not offer it a Quebec gin? Pink grapefruit gin, from la Distillerie Artist in Residence, for example. 

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Vin & Passion

Go with beautiful wine glasses she wouldn't afford! If you don't want to choose which glass goes with which wine, then the universal glass is the way to go. It sits between a chardonnay glass and a smaller red glass. This is the most versatile option for tasting all wines, including sparkling wines! 

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Maison Berger

Let her discover a new way of diffusing MAISON BERGER fragrances, for a soft, warm and soothing atmosphere. 

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The Gift of Choice

Surprise mom with the gift of choice, delivered directly to her email! The Cominar digital gift card is a fast, easy and personalized way to spoil her and offer her what she truly wants.

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