Quiz: Let us guess your 2020 New Year’s resolution

A new year, a new start! You may have already committed to a New Year’s resolution or goal for the upcoming months. If you are like many people, it can be hard to stick with your resolution. Let us guess what yours is and will give you tips on how you can stay on track!

Which of the following statements represents your main challenge?

A. I am not always very motivated

B. I lack ideas

C. I want to ditch my routine

D. Work takes up too much of my time

E. I don’t have enough time for the things I love

In 2019, you lacked:

A. Time

B. Organization

C. Action and new challenges

D. Bursting out into laughter

E. Quiet, relaxing moments

Which hashtag motivates you the most?

A. #newyearnewme

B. #yummy

C. #discoverourplanet

D. #grateful

E. #selfcare

In the morning, you are most likely to:

A. Snooze, over and over again

B. Wolf down Eggo waffles

C. Jump in the shower as soon as you wake up

D. Check out ALL of your social media accounts

E. Make the kids’ lunches

What gift did you receive over the Holidays that you already no longer use a month later?  

A. A yoga mat

B. A slow cooker

C. A ukulele

D. A board game

E. A novel

In your bag, we’ll most likely find

A. Flavoured water

B. Chocolate

C. Lots and lots of coupons

D. Your personal cell, your work cell and an agenda

E. A fragrant hand cream

What app do you use the most?

A. Netflix

B. Foodora or UberEats

C. TikTok

D. FaceTime

E. Co-Star

Resolution get moving woman yoa - Centropolis

If you answered mostly A…

Your resolution is to get moving!  

Being active. Maintaining a healthy weight. Making sure your couch is not your new BFF. Socializing. Any reason is a good reason to get moving. It will do you a world of good! So, kickstart your endorphins today! In order to stay motivated over the upcoming weeks, why not ask a buddy to help you? The two of you can encourage each other and celebrate small victories. Just find a physical activity you both enjoy—or that you are both curious about!

Needs some new sports apparel, shoes or equipment? Head on over to 42.2 or La Cordée. Try rock climbing at Clip ‘n Climb or sign up for Éconofitness Extra to stay active when it is the most convenient. If you’re looking to lose weight, Jenny Craig can most definitely help you!  

Resolution eat healthily - Centropolis

If you answered mostly B…

Your resolution is to eat healthily! 

Were the Holidays tough on your stomach? Whether you have zero time or inspiration, it is important for you to start eating healthier. Create a Pinterest board with recipes you want to try. Share cooking tips and new dishes you love with friends and colleagues. After all, inspiration can be found everywhere!

Ricardo’s boutique features an array of kitchen tools and equipment to make your life easier. You’ll fall in love (or fall in love again) with cooking fast and delicious meals. Our recommendation? Get a pressure cooker that will allow you to whip up scrumptious meals in only 30 minutes. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Enjoy wonderful meals made with love from Lov or Mandy’s.

Resolution new activities virtual reality - Centropolis

If you answered mostly C…

Your resolution is to try new things! 

You’re invited to all types of events and your schedule is chock-full 3 months in advance. Or, are you fed up with the day-to-day grind and would like to add some spice to your life? In any case,  you are not afraid to try new things. In order to live a life that is anything but humdrum, free up some time to go off the beaten path. Try a new hobby. Rediscover your city. Taste a new, foreign cuisine. Don’t have a lot of time during the week? Plan at least one new activity during the weekend!

Discover the world of virtual reality at Mont VR! Experience skydiving thanks to SkyVenture. Perfect your mini-golf swing on a fluorescent greet at Putting Edge. Whether you want to have fun with your partner, with the family, or between friends, laughs are definitely guaranteed!

If you want to tantalize your taste buds, let yourself be immersed in Mediterranean cuisine at Calvi or sip a Québec brew at Le Balthazar.

Resolution spend time with loved ones board games - Centropolis

If you answered mostly D…

Your resolution is to spend more time with loved ones!

You are the type of person that needs more than 24 hours in a day. Between preparing lunches, acting as your kids' private chauffeur, going to the gym and booking medical appoints, you have little time to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. You know you have to free up time in your agenda—but where to start? First, eliminate time-sapping activities like watching TV or browsing social media. You’ll quickly notice how easy it is to free up time! Next, optimize your time. For example, if you have errands to run, stop by Centropolis, which has everything you need under one roof.

Not sure how you would like to spend time with your loved ones? Watch a movie in the afternoon (and with loads of popcorn!) at Cineplex, play a game at Randolph, solve riddles at S.Cape.

Resolution time for yourself - Centropolis

If you answered mostly E…

Your resolution is to take more time for yourself!

You are the indisputable pro of efficiency. You manage your priorities like a ninja—but you don’t take the time for yourself. You probably care more about the kids, the neighbours, the store clerk or the lost cat roaming your lawn before you care about yourself! It’s time to put YOU first! Start by delegating household tasks to your partner or children. You may have to say no to some activities—without the guilt. This year, put yourself at the top of your priorities and block off time just for you. In fact, when you block time for yourself, turn off your cell and don’t cater to anyone else’s needs!

Why not plan a foodie outing just for you at Juliette & Chocolat? If you need more self-care, get your Zen back with a hot yoga session at Idolem or reserve some time for pampering at Nüva Beauté et Spa. Don’t forget: taking care of yourself will make you better at taking care of your loved ones!