Randolph Pub Ludique - Centropolis

Randolph Pub Ludique – Centropolis

    • Monday
      4 pm to 1 am
    • Tuesday
      4 pm to 1 am
    • Wednesday
      4 pm to 1 am
    • Thursday
      4 pm to 1 am
    • Friday
      4 pm to 2 am
    • Saturday
      12 pm to 2 am
    • Sunday
      12 pm to 1 am
Street Level
Pub with board games.

Randolph, it’s : two Gaming Pubs, one Store, one online store, an animation service that comes to your house, a game publisher and a game distributor that sells to stores in Québec.

Our tool and passion : boardgames! Our mission : to offer privileged moments of social interaction with the help of modern boardgame.

What made our notoriety is the quality of our animation and our counseling. It all started with the gaming animation that we offer at the Pubs, and that we exported in all we do! Our animators are game specialists that know which game to choose, at the right time, for the right people.

We use boardgames because we believe the are wonderful socialization tools. They unite people, provoke strong emotions and, above all, are entertaining and fun!

Every concept that we make (gaming animation, Quiz, Werewolf evenings, conferences, etc.) and every projects we have (Gaming Pubs, Stores, animation service, game publishing, etc.), everything is in line with the same logic of gathering, taking a break and having fun.

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  • Group packages
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