Going out Without Breaking the Bank

This is it! Snow has melted and any late winter storms are now officially behind us, which means that outdoor dining is on... and our weekly get-togethers at the restaurant are back! I’m not saying that winter makes us turn into hermits, but spring brings a wonderful effervescence that makes us want to put on a jacket and some sock-less flats to reconnect with our inner foodie.

Spring equinox certainly has several beautiful aspects, including longer days, gorgeous flowers trying to break through our flower beds, and birds chirping in the early morning. This common rejoicing also comes with a few “buts” because more frequent outings may also mean going over budget; and given current grocery prices, most of us cannot comfortably afford to simply say, “Let’s splurge”.

This summer, Centropolis is taking on a festival atmosphere, welcoming you to experience a summer of world vacations. For an exciting summer with international flavours, come on over!

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Family Outings At Great Prices

Your kids deserve a special night out and you’re not sure where to go? Why not get your gym clothes and head to Clip n’ Climb for an evening of climbing every Thursday as part of their unlimited evening? You could also catch a movie at Cinéma Cinéplex Laval, which still offers reduced rates on Tuesday nights. An early evening of climbing will make you hungry, which is a good thing because many restaurants invite kids to eat at a fraction of the price. Movie night ahead? At the 3 Brasseurs, children are invited to eat for as little as $3 every Tuesday with the purchase of an adult meal. See, it’s still possible to go out on the town while respecting your budget.

Cost Saving Tips

Centropolis, which, incidentally, is known for its eclectic gastronomic fare, offers a number of gourmet menus that will appeal to everyone, but especially to those who wish to revive their social life without going broke. Now that we have mastered the art of saving money by planning our weekly menus based on grocery store specials, or by bringing back leftovers from the restaurant for a second meal or a dinner for the next day, there are also a few tips that will allow you to enjoy Laval’s gastronomic scene while keeping your wallet happy. There was a time when “Bring your own wine” restaurants were popular; it is now time to return to this formula that will allow you to drink your favourite wine with a copious meal. Another fashion that deserves to come back in force: “ladies’ nights”, where women are invited to enjoy special prices on meals and preferential rates on cocktails. For example, Le Balthazar and Miss Wong are highly sought after during these evenings where women are honoured.

Unlock Great Savings with a Little Planning

No need to wait until the weekend to get dressed up for a night out in downtown Laval. There are many benefits to going out early in the week or planning your evening with friends based on the different specials offered by our restaurants. Oysters sold individually, all-you-can-eat tartar, cocktails of the day, and even a free meal if you’re the birthday boy or girl, there’s plenty to choose from. Every day of the week is a celebration at Centropolis, whether it’s individual pizzas for $10 at Boston Pizza, burgers at $14.99 on Tuesdays at Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie or a free hamburger on your birthday at La Belle et la Bœuf, $1.25 Oyster Wednesdays at Louis & Jacob, Carte à 6 Thursdays at Zibo, Cowboy Fridays at Jack Flat BBQ, the famous Saturday brunch at LOV, or Phone-less Sundays, a special initiative from Jack Flat BBQ.

To discover how you can make the most of your spring outings at Centropolis, don’t hesitate to contact our different restaurants to check out their promotions.

Drafted by Stéphanie Robillard-Sarganis