The parking lots are cleaned by a mechanical broom without water.  The fountain operates in a closed circuit, reusing the same water over and over again.

All toilets in the office buildings are low-flow - 6 liters per flush - and this is a requirement for all tenants. All urinals in the office buildings are equipped with a presence detector.

Centropolis also has a stormwater management system (Stormceptor) that recovers sediment and, where applicable, hydrocarbons. The system is inspected twice (2) a year and emptied as needed.

Irrigation of landscaped areas is controlled by an automated program. Irrigation is allowed according to the schedules authorized by the City of Laval as well as according to the actual rainfall on the site.

Centropolis has installed water sub-meters in the restaurants and retailers, as well as in the offices, to analyze water consumption and intervene with tenants as needed.