Valentine's Day Express Guide

Looking to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day? We've got the best ideas to help you celebrate the occasion with your favourite person. Get ready to see life through rose-colored glasses!

Parisian Romance

The Cupid menu at Tire-Bouchon will make your Valentine's Day evening worthy of great romantic films. Lobster bisque, duck breast, and sparkling wine will transport you right next to the Eiffel Tower for a gourmet moment. On the menu, discussion-wise? Memories and significant milestones in your relationship.

Like the Good Old Days

Feeling nostalgic for the past and looking to have some fun? Take on the challenge of dressing up retro-style and head out to enjoy a delicious Jukebox strawberry milkshake like in the good old days! One glass with two straws is the way to go! Add in a burger, and you’re in for a real treat…

Light and Sound Experience

Dress warmly, grab a hot chocolate, and take a moment with your sweetheart around the majestic digital fire at Place Centrale. The unique and fascinating experience Bright Moments will captivate you and inspire beautiful conversations

Partners in Adventure

The motto of the evening: sharing! And to combine sharing with good food, Babacool's Valentine's Day menu is just the ticket. Braised lamb, fattoush salad, zaatar fries: you can enjoy the best tapas in town while discussing your upcoming adventures of the year.

Live from Your Living Room

If you feel like staying in, take the opportunity to present and play songs that have marked you to your beloved. It invites openness and intimacy! As for the meal you'll cook together, complement it with a Sweetheart loaf from Première Moisson (it has a heart on it!) and prepare a special cocktail for the occasion. Our suggestion: the Italian Kiss.

Responsible Love

LOV's vegan cuisine makes no compromises on flavour. Celebrating your love there will be delicious as well as responsible. To make it a complete theme, why not offer customized gift coupons to the person celebrating with you that evening? It's easy to make at home and can really bring joy!

Breaking the Routine

Celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be done at night. Make it a special occasion and break the weekday routine by having lunch at Ricardo Café. Good, well-prepared dishes in a chic and refreshing atmosphere in good company... so tempting!

For the Sweetest One

If your favourite person is known for having a sweet tooth, prepare a chocolate or candy hunt with Kandju products. The Valentine's Collection is out and oh-so-yummy. Hide treats throughout the house and offer a love note when all have been retrieved. This is also an opportunity to be a little naughty... feel free to imagine a more daring chocolate hunt!


Randolph is there for you. Go on a quest to meet your soulmate at this Sunday's Singles event! It starts at 6 p.m. for ages 30-40 and at 8 p.m. for ages 25-35. You might find someone to call on Wednesday night! In any case, you’ll be up for a night of fun games and good times.

For more inspiration and tips for Valentine's Day, visit our retailers and our employees! They're here for you!