Bright Moments – A Light and Sound Experience

Fire is a symbol of joy, gatherings, and heartwarming moments. Come celebrate the magic of winter around our animated digital campfire with a light and sound performance!

From Friday, February 9 to Sunday, March 24, head to Centropolis’ Place Cenrtrale for a few enchanting moments. 

The fire-themed light and sound experience will be performed for a few moments every 15 minutes, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. each evening.

The Inspiration

Fire has made it possible for humankind to develop, to gather and to create together. It is a sacred element honoured by many cultures to this day. It has become a symbol of gatherings and joy, evoking the warmth of the human bonds that unite us, and the light of wisdom and hope that inspire our hearts.

This winter, Centropolis’ central courtyard is transformed into a majestic, animated digital campfire, where you and the ones you love can create unforgettable memories in a moment of warmth and light.

The Light Installation

The animated digital campfire features some sixty LED light installations, the tallest measuring 11.5 feet. They are operated remotely by the internationally renowned Laval company CR34TE, which specializes in lighting and visual installations of all types. The LED fixtures are designed to consume as little electricity as possible, making the installation energy efficient.

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La Centrale des artistes is a non-profit organization located in Laval. Its mission is to contribute to regional development by creating authentic cultural experiences and memorable moments for the public, in defiance of cultural desertification. La Centrale des artistes, a co-producer of the event, facilitated the meeting with CR34TE, and helped facilitate the organization and running of the project.

CR34TE is an internationally renowned company located in Laval that specializes in LED integration for ambitious lighting projects. Constantly striving to push back the boundaries of what is possible, the CR34TE team created this custom project for Centropolis.

Click HERE to read the press release (in French).