Top ideas for your Valentine’s Day date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you wondering how to surprise that special someone in your life? Regardless of the dynamics between your couple or BFF,  you’ll soon notice that you belong in only one of two possible categories: those that correspond with “birds of a feather flock together” or those that are more aligned with “opposites attract.” No matter what love duo you believe you are, here are some activities to enjoy as a couple, with family or among friends in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with style and sophistication.

For opposites who attract

You are different—but complement each other perfectly. At first glance, people often wonder how your relationship has lasted for so long. The secret is in striking the perfect, calculated balance. In fact, we bet that you both love a good challenge. Your couple can be somewhat compared to as beer yoga: a quirky blend of brews and backbends—and in which each of you are the ying to the other one’s yang.

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

Skating + board games  

Are you a total romantic? Er, your partner…not that much? Not to worry! Skate hand in hand during a DJ & Skate Fridays, with a romantic special on February 14! Then, have fun playing a new board game at Randolph. Laughing and cuddling are always part of a perfect date, right?  

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

A healthy meal + chocolatey dessert

Are your food choices extremely different? Do you nourish your body while your partner nourishes the soul? Why not combine your two lifestyle habits during an evening fit for foodies and infused with delicious flavours? Dig into a healthy, gourmet salad from Mandy’s and then top it all off with a decadent dessert from Juliette & Chocolat. After all, Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without chocolate!

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

Wall climbing + beer tasting

Many think people shouldn’t mix sports and alcohol. Perhaps. However, practising a sport and then having a drink is definitely a recipe for fun! For a unique Valentine’s Day date, get your adrenaline pumping Clip ‘n Climb and then reward yourself with a pint of Québec beer at Le Balthazar.

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

For birds of a feather that flock together

You are definitely partners in crime! You have the same ideas and somewhat the same tastes. You can even finish off each other’s sentences! We bet you travel well together despite any circumstances! You are a dynamic duo! It must be a real child’s play to put together a Valentine’s Day evening: you both agree on everything!

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

Hot yoga + brunch

You both master the art of relaxation. When the opportunity comes to spend quality time together, you don’t hesitate for a second. Inhale, exhale and get your flex on during a hot yoga session at Idolem. Afterwards, chill out even more with a delicious brunch at Café RICARDO or Allô! Mon Coco. With your partner or friends, you are sure to have a good time!  

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

A manicure + gourmet coffee  

Is chatting one of your favourite sports? Do you like treating yourself to the finer things in life and enjoying each moment with your loved one? Why not spend the evening pampering yourselves this Valentine’s Day? Reserve a manicure at Nüva Beauté et Spa. Once your hands are glam, sip a delicious gourmet coffee at Brûleries FARO or Presse Café. The ideal evening for BFFs and fashionistas!

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

Pizza + a movie

Little things in life make you happy. You believe that joy is synonymous with simplicity. This Valentine’s Day, grab a pizza and a movie—just like when you were a teen! Head on over to Enoteca Monza for a classic or exotic pizza. Then, choose a movie you’ll both love at Cineplex. The perfect, simple evening with the family, as a couple or among friends.   

Centropolis - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone—and to every couple!