Top 3 Reasons to Work at Centropolis

Working at Centropolis means being part of a lively, dynamic environment. Making sure customers have a pleasant experience, knowing your products, and advising people: no two days are alike! Join a great community and get closer to your passion by coming to work at Centropolis! The benefits are plentiful!

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Everything Is Just Around the Corner!

Working close to other boutiques, clinics, and restaurants can make your life so much easier. eel an unexpected craving? Our restaurants are just steps away. Want to take a break, get active, or have fun? Our entertainment commerces are right here! Hot yoga, indoor surfing, rock climbing or gym - there are lots of options to help you enjoy an active lifestyle. Not to mention the shopping centre’s easy access by car or public transit. We even have charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycle parking. All this, combined with the benefits that many retailers offer their teams such as discounts on merchandise or meals.

An Opportunity to Grow and Learn

Work experience is a human learning experience. Our community is made up of people from all backgrounds – diversity is our greatest asset. Whether you’re working closely with customers or with your team, you’ll come into contact with people whose backgrounds and experiences are unique.

Working side by side with different people will enable you to discover new realities while developing a wide range of skills. Problem-solving, customer service and communication will no longer be a mystery to you! Moreover, you don’t need any specific training to start your career here. You’ll get on-the-job training and develop your cross-functional skills, versatility and open-mindedness.

Great Flexibility, Now and in the Future

The available jobs are flexible, period. Variable needs are a fact of our business, and it’s up to you to take advantage of them to create a schedule that meets your needs. Whether you need a fixed, full-time schedule, or one that accommodates your obligations or other interests, our merchants have something for you.

A position in the shopping centre could also enable you to progress into management roles or take on more responsibilities at the height of your ambitions. Conversely, it can also be a way of earning a living and devoting your energy to other projects. Either way, it’s a sustainable career path that offers something for everyone!

Discover the ''Career'' section

Discover the Careers section of our website and the Cominar Careers page to find a job that meets your aspirations! Whether in one of our restaurants, stores, in an entertainment center or even in an office, we have something for you!