Four Tips for an Amazing Summer!

Summer vacation is just around the corner! Whether you have some great adventures planned or are looking to soak up the sun right in your own neighbourhood, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you make the most of summer!

Tip #1 — Find Your Third Place for the Summer

The notion of "third place" deserves to be better understood. This concept was first described by Ray Olderburg, an American sociologist. A third place is a place that is neither home nor office, and in which people can meet to socialize. It is a living space for which there is no entrance fee, and where people gather with their community to socialize in an informal way.

It’s up to you to adapt this concept as you see fit! Destinations such as the public library, the local park, the public pool, or association meetings are many examples of third places. That said, if visiting your local coffee shop on a regular basis makes you feel good because it involves a special moment with your community, we encourage you to make it your third place for the summer! The goal is to identify a place where you will be in contact with other people and where you can live your daily life differently.

Tip #2 — Fill Your Summer Calendar

Scheduling key moments in the summer will allow you to make the most of it. We suggest you plan a family BBQ, a pool party, a beach outing, a weekend getaway, or all of the above! With a little advance planning and preparation, you can create memorable moments for you and your loved ones.

As well, check the festival schedule in your area to attend a summer performance. Some programs are free and give you the opportunity to discover new artists in cool summer evenings. There are also many activities hosted by municipalities across the province. Find out what is offered near you and try it out! The sun and the longer days are invigorating, it’s time to try new things!

Finally, set aside some quiet time in your schedule. You might even try taking a sleep vacation. This doesn’t mean not sleeping - quite the opposite! The concept of a "sleep vacation" is to get as much sleep as you can for a full week to rest deeply. Many of us are sleep deprived. Putting rest as your first priority will certainly do you good! (You could also simply add regular napping into your summer schedule!)

Tip #3 — Plan Your Family Activities Ahead

Going on an adventure with the kids? Involve them in the preparations for the trip! You could visit the library to introduce them to the area you’re going to visit, ask them to pack their bags, and plan activities to do on the trip. 

Of course, be sure to pack a small parent survival kit! Healthy snacks, wet wipes, a deck of cards and water bottles will definitely make your life a lot easier!

To encourage children to have quiet moments throughout the trip, suggest that they document their experiences in a journal. They can note what they liked best about each day and enhance their notebook with photos once they have finished their adventure.

Tip #4 — Travelling Through Your Tastebuds

You love discovering new things and want to travel without breaking the bank? Plan your gastronomic adventures at Centropolis!

Visit Kiyomi’s to enjoy the Korean flavours of yakitori, sushi, and yuzu sour. The heat of Mexico also awaits you in Carlos & Pepe’s menu: chimichangas, enchiladas and margaritas will put you in the mood! Finally, head to Calvi’s for a drive on the Mediterranean coast. Octopus, fresh squid, and white wine will make you travel in style!


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