Five Suggestions to Find Your Balance After Summer

Over the summer, we improvise spontaneous meals and enjoy all kinds of good things, from microbrewery beers to fresh fruits and vegetables. We don't have a schedule and we do whatever we like: after all, it's the summer vacation, time to treat ourselves! With fall just around the corner, it's time to get back into a routine and find a balance that will make us feel good. Here are our 5 suggestions for adopting small habits that will do you a world of good in order to greet the fall in a positive way.

Refocus on Yourself, Enjoy Some “Me” Time

If your summer has been a little hectic, now is the time to take some time for yourself and embrace softness and calm. Nothing better than yoga sessions at Idolem to take the time to breathe, calm your mind, and focus on your body. These private moments will become your wellness ritual to recharge your batteries and regain the energy you need to tackle your daily life. It's important to stop and slow down so you can start again. Namaste!

Adopt Vegetarian Cuisine

On vacation, we don't always eat as well as we'd like. The irresistible call of barbecues, endless happy hours, meals on the road and, of course, ice cream, are some of the greatest pleasures of summer. But with the arrival of fall we usually want to reclaim some control over our diet. A good way to do this is to embrace vegetarian or vegan cuisine. LOV's fresh and tasty meals are a real treat! Enjoy them without moderation.

Pay Attention to Your Body and Re-energize

It's hard to maintain our workout routine over the summer. While some people are more active in the summer, others take this opportunity to slow down. Whatever your situation, if your body is telling you that it's time to move, a stop at Éconofitness will help you. You can go at your own pace, whenever you want. Would you rather be monitored by professionals during your workout? Studio Evolution offers you private training services as well as postural evaluation, nutritional follow-up and much more. 1, 2, 3 ... let's get moving!

Prepare Delicious Meals for Our Lunches

Why not take advantage of the back-to-school and back-to-work season to start packing your lunches once again? If the mere mention of the word sends shivers down your spine, don't panic! Ricardo has several mouthwatering back-to-school meal and snack ideas! And to make it even more fun, find all your lunch essentials at the Ricardo boutique. With a cute lunch box and sweet dishes, lunchtime will become your (and your kids') favourite time of day!

Treat Yourself With Fresh, Light Meals

Eating out is one of everyday's little pleasures: you get a break from cooking (and doing the dishes!) and you discover new flavours! After a treat-filled summer, you may be looking to eat healthier. And to do so, there's no need to compromise on taste! Mandy's delicious salads and grain bowls are packed with flavour, colour and nutrition. There is truly something for everyone! Want to take your taste buds on a journey? Mikasa's sushi and other Japanese specialties will make you happy. Bon appétit!