Fall is Comfort Food Season!

Fall is a season filled with beauty and little pleasures: leaves changing colours, fruit and vegetable harvests, cocooning days. And seasonal food, which is so comforting! We can't wait to enjoy tasty casseroles that fill the house with delicious aromas that whets our appetite. Be inspired by our suggestions for a delicious - and comforting - fall.

A Fest in Good Company

If food is pure comfort for the soul, good company comes in a close second! Preparing a meal for your loved ones is a great way to express your love and appreciation. It's an opportunity to laugh, share stories, and have a great time around the table. Indulge in comfort food that is prepared with care, such as mac n' cheese, ribs, osso bucco, or cheddar and beer soup. There's no shortage of options!

For a hearty meal, stock up on supplies at Marché Gourmand. On the menu: cold cuts from Balkani Charcuterie and cold pizza from Pizzeria Gourmande with the aperitif, baguette bread from Première Moisson and olive oil from Olive & Olives as an appetizer, the pièce de résistance from Boucherie La Supérieure, and coffee from Brûleries FARO for a perfect end to the evening. Your guests will be delighted with their time with you, and what a pleasure it can be to be hosted for supper: no meal preparation, and no dishes to wash!

Travel Around the World.. From Your Plate

If the gloom of fall days undermines your morale, let yourself be comforted by exotic dishes that will make your taste buds and your spirit travel for an evening. The Mediterranean delights of Calvi will transport you to the seaside, under the warm sun of southern Europe.

There' s something about Italian food that always makes you feel good! Let yourself be tempted by a creamy pasta dish, or a pizza bursting with flavour at Enoteca Monza or Pizzéria NO.900.

Not sure which regions to visit through our restaurant menus? Opt for the Louis & Jacob restaurant, where two chefs strive to make you discover new flavours inspired by their travels. Asia, the Mediterranean, or even North Africa: everything is possible at their place!

Would you rather go for North American food and a cold beer to give you a boost? Choose Jack Astor's where you'll have plenty of choices: nachos, hamburgers, fried chicken, steak-frites, etc. Let yourself be tempted!

Escape at the Bistro

Inspired by French cuisine with a touch of local terroir trends, bistro cuisine can be very comforting, as it includes timeless classics with a long-standing reputation. Who doesn't love a steak-frites with a glass of red wine? Or a exquisitely fresh salmon tartar? Visit Le Tire-Bouchon to savor Parisian classics, or Les Enfants Terribles for a wide selection of refined brasserie-inspired dishes. The Café RICARDO will also delight your taste buds with a variety of flavourful dishes featuring local ingredients.

No matter which menu you choose this fall, we're confident that it will bring you plenty of comfort!