5 ways to get ready for spring activities

Now that we can officially take advantage of spring, it is normal to feel a strong desire to get in shape and enjoy the beautiful weather! This is a very normal side effect! Before embarking on intensive training 8 days out of 7 or leaving everything to make expeditions in kind, it is sometimes necessary to take a moment of rationality to make sure you get off to a good start! So we've listed some tips for getting ready to start spring activities.

Aller à son rythme

Go at your own pace

To avoid demotivating yourself, it is important to listen to yourself and to set rational goals. It is always beneficial to use S.M.A.R.T. Thus, you will set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. In other words, goals that make sense! In-room training, where you can benefit from expert advice such as Éconofitness or Studio Évolution, allows you to gradually start again in a more controlled environment with a program adapted to your needs.

S’assurer d’être dans les bonnes chaussures

Make sure you are in the right shoes

If training halls have always been a nightmare, running or walking can be great alternatives to move while enjoying the spring breeze! The most interesting thing is that you need little equipment, except for a road or trail and the right shoes. If you are one of those who have developed a sentimental value for his old boots, the 42.2 Course.Marche will certainly have several models that will make separation with your old pair of shoes much easier!

Essayer quelque chose de nouveau

Try something new

Spring inspires renewal, sometimes giving us the desire to discover and meet new challenges. If you want to try activities that come out of the classic bike paths, Maeva Surf and Clip 'n Climb could help you get away from your comfort zone. Although the experience varies according to the level of each, the aspect of "challenge" in these activities is often a motivating factor that may lead you to other activities.

Reconnecter avec la nature

Reconnect with nature

If you're one of those who think we've had enough time indoors during the winter, why not try the hike? In addition to enjoying the outdoors, the whole family can join the activity. It is high time to reconnect with nature and La Cordée specialists will share their expertise on the essential items to bring during your next hike.

Take the opportunity to discover the city (Tourisme Laval)

To help you find more destinations to practice your activities, use the Tourisme Laval platform. You will be able to explore your city and discover places that will become your favorite meeting places.