3 Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked

Have you ever thought of becoming your own boss and starting a business? Envisioned working for yourself and on your terms? It seems tempting, doesn’t it?

But what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

We talked to three entrepreneurs that manage their businesses in Centropolis for more insight. Warning: our entrepreneurs debunk a lot of myths!

3 Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked - Centropolis
Myth no 1 : You’re born an entrepreneur; you don’t become one.

Fabio Coppola, Co-founder and Creative Director at S.Cape, is the living proof of this myth. Even though the entrepreneur was only 25 years old when he initially launched his escape game business, he had other businesses beforehand: “Since I was a little boy, I always wanted to have my own company. When I was 17, I started my first business, which was mowing the grass. At the age of 21, I was editing videos. I had entrepreneurship in my veins. I knew I was going to go into business one way or another.”

For Maxime Beaudoin, the story is pretty different. The Co-founder of KC&C with his partner Mathieu Rondeau, a custom software development company, has been an entrepreneur for the past six years; however, it was not his plan right from the beginning. The inspiration came a few years after college, where he studied computer programming: “I was inspired by Facebook and Instagram. If, as a programmer, Mark Zuckerberg could develop Facebook and acquire Instagram, which is basically a mobile app, for $ 1 billion, there was hope for someone like me. A programmer can accomplish great things. You don’t need to be the son of a CEO to have you own business one day.”

3 Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked - Centropolis
Myth no 2 : You must wait for the BIG idea.

Wrong! Marie-Paule Gédéon, owner of the surgery-free medical-aesthetics clinic Skulpture, is adamant: “Business opportunities are like buses: there is always one on the way. Find a solution to a problem—and you’ve got a business opportunity. Each idea may be the start of a successful business opportunity. My advice is: START today!” Her personal experience is living proof: she started Skulpture after unplanned events forced her out of her comfort zone and take the plunge. Two years later, Marie-Paule absolutely doesn’t regret her choice. She now makes a living with her two passions, business and medical-aesthetics.

Maxime Beaudoin – KC&C, indicated that people have to start somewhere. It’s important to note that success is much more about choosing the right partners, like he did with Mathieu —rather than having the best idea: “Having a good idea might help, but even the best idea in the world is worthless if it’s poorly executed. It’s much more important to have a great team to carry out or realign the vision. After all, the first idea rarely makes the cut.” Trust your instincts, take the leap, and who knows where you might end up!

3 Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked - Centropolis
Myth no 3 : You have to like taking risks to be an entrepreneur.

Fabio Coppola – S.Cape admits that he doesn’t like taking risks. But he knows that risk is a part of entrepreneurship. Based on experience, he is convinced that only those who understand and can manage risk will succeed.

Maxime Beaudoin – KC&C thinks that it is more about calculating risk: he tolerates it as long as it doesn’t threaten his personal and professional responsibilities. “When many families depend on you, you can’t just improvise and take unnecessary risk. It is a huge responsibility, and I think about it every night before I go to sleep.”

Marie-Paule Gédéon – Skulpture isn’t a big fan of risk. Actually, she considers that her strengths as an entrepreneur are elsewhere: “I have a great ability to adapt to change and face uncertainties as challenges instead of obstacles.” Instead of fearing risk, the founder of Skulpture Clinic thinks risk should be seen as an opportunity: “People are often scared to take risks and start their own business, because they are afraid to fail. Failure is actually a part of the road to success. Thanks to failure and risks, we learn.”

Are we the only ones comforted by these testimonials? Of course, entrepreneurship isn’t a bed of roses. Nevertheless, if you trust your gut and allow yourself to fail, the whole process suddenly seems less dramatic? After all, as Marie-Paule Gédéon said, it’s all about GETTING STARTED!

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