It’s Reassuring to Visit our Site Safely!

We’re excited to welcome you again at Centropolis. Until our terraces and our entertainment offerings can start again, we’ve done everything we can to review how you can visit us safely. As nothing beats prevention, we have implemented certain measures to:  

  • Enforce the 2m social distancing rule
  • Prohibit gatherings and loitering  

Our Site is Slightly Different – but Still Inviting

Because we want to limit the spread of the virus, we will make sure that no gatherings will occur on-site and that the social distancing rules are followed by our visitors. Please note that access to our public restrooms is temporarily closed.  

Health and Safety is Everyone’s Business!

We care about your health and the health of our employees. For this reason, we’ve implemented a Code of conduct as a reminder for visitors to follow safety measures in place. Please see the Code below. You don’t need to remember these rules, as we’ll have many signs posted throughout our shopping centre as reminders.

Let’s Stay Connected

As you are aware, news change very quickly lately; we think it’s important that we keep you informed on the latest developments at Centropolis. Visit our website and our Facebook page, and read our newsletter to get the latest updates on our safety measures and the situation.

We thank you in advance for following all safety measures, both throughout the site and in our stores, which may have their own protective measures.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!