A unique winter experience: Starlit Terrace

Winter promises to be more inviting than ever at Centropolis’s Place Centrale with our Starlit Terrace and our 3 warm bubbles domes. Live a unique experience by sharing a delicious meal in your bubble, while admiring the stars and bright rooms of Illumi.

From January 26 to March 20, 8 restaurants take turns to offer you a take out menu, to enjoy in your bubble dome in the evening.

Limited places. 3 bubbles are available, each of them can accommodate up to 6 people, only one family bubble is allowed (Vaccination passport required).

When you arrive, head inside the restaurant to pick up your order and you will then be taken to your bubble dome.

A friendly tip: dress appropriately to make this experience as pleasant as possible! It would be a good idea to put on a few layers, allowing you to remove some if necessary!

Also note that in case of extreme cold, we will have to cancel the experience.

Book your bubble dome with the restaurant of your choice and experience an unforgettable evening under the stars:

Le Balthazar
From Wednesday 26 January to Sunday 30 January

• FULL • 

Juliette & Chocolat
From Wednesday 2 February to Sunday 6 February

Reservations by phone only: 450 934-9484
Take-out meal kit (Details coming soon)

Jack Astor's
From Wednesday 9 February to Sunday 13 February

Reservations by phone only: 450 681-6683
Take out menu

Pizzeria No. 900
From Wednesday 16 February to Sunday 20 February

Reservation by phone only: 450 973-0947
Take out menu

Enoteca Monza
From Wednesday 23 February to Sunday 27 February

Reservation by phone only: 450 973-3400 (as of February 10 only)
Take out menu (https://order.ueat.io/integration/d94f44b9-67ac-42f1-99e5-a56040210f87/fr-CA#/?service=takeout&restoCode=Laval)

La Belle et la Bœuf
From Wednesday March 2 to Sunday March 6

Reservation by phone only: 450 934-8777 (as of February 12 only)
Take out menu (Details coming soon)

From Wednesday March 9 to Sunday March 13

Reservation by phone only: 450 973-2552 (as of February 7 only)
Take out menu

Les Enfants Terribles
From Wednesday March 16 to Sunday March 20

Reservation by phone only: 450 934-9828 (as of February 14 only)
Gourmet menu (Details coming soon)

To enhance your experience, the Festival Diapason has concocted musical compilations* with varied atmospheres.

* The compilations can be listened to from your personal mobile device. Chargers will be available on site.

We will continue to monitor the evolving pandemic situation and adapt our activities accordingly, as directed by our government.