Reduction of Energy Consumption

The fountain is lit by LED lamps. The control of this lighting is automated with electronic timers that consider the seasonal cycle, combined with photoelectric cells that adjust the lighting according to the light intensity of the day.   

Each building is equipped with independent computerized lighting control. Programming turns the lights off at the end of regular business hours and, if necessary, staff working in the evening must turn the lights back on every hour.

In 2021-2022, all lighting fixtures were converted to LED.  This includes fixtures in interior common areas of office buildings, fixtures on the exterior of all Centropolis buildings, 40 feet lamp posts and streetlights.  Centropolis will finalize this conversion program by the spring of 2023 by replacing the lighting fixtures in these directional signs on site.

All of the windows on the site are thermos type and contain film to reduce energy use for air conditioning.