Planting of Trees and Perennials

From the very first construction, Centropolis proceeded with a major planting of trees throughout the site, thus reducing the impact of heat islands, improving the visual aspect of the site and complying with municipal regulations. Through its landscaping and diversified plantings, Centropolis offers its clients and the community a pleasant and more environmentally friendly urban space, at a time when such initiatives are still too rare.

On the other hand, the ash trees on the site have not been spared by the emerald ash borer, an insect of Asian origin that has wreaked havoc across the country.  For the past five (5) years, a major replacement program has been undertaken at Centropolis in partnership with our landscaping contractor, Strathmore.  The first step was to treat many of these trees to extend their life span, while at the same time ensuring the replacement of any ash trees that were already too badly affected.  To date, close to 170 ash trees have been replaced and this program will continue for several more years.