Wellness Habits for the Entire Family

No matter your age, the holiday season can be challenging on the body and mind. We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of walking and meditation in recent years. With this in mind, we thought we’d share some other ideas to encourage wellness for the whole family. In all cases, we invite you to aim for small but consistent steps. You’ll be creating new habits to get back in shape in no time.

Keeping a Success Journal

Every day, grab your favourite notebook and pencil and write down three things that make you feel happy. It could be a stranger’s smile or the inspiring discussion you had with your colleague yesterday. By taking the time to reflect on your successes and express gratitude, you’ll be able to look at your achievements and take great satisfaction in them.

This process can also be done with your little ones. Give them their own journal and ask them the question, “What makes you happy today?” You might be surprised by their answers! Doing this reflection will allow your child to build his/her self-confidence by slowly learning about themselves. The same goes for teenagers; this may lead to some great conversations.

Taking 15 Minutes of Mental Disconnection for Yourself

When the time is convenient, tell everyone around you that you are taking a break. You can tell your children, your spouse, your colleagues or even yourself. Saying this out loud is important because it creates a break and marks the beginning of the withdrawal period. It also has the advantage of setting an example for your children, who may soon begin to use this practice.

Then put your electronics devices aside (and on silent mode), sit alone in a comfortable spot and enjoy your 15 minutes of disconnection. You can meditate, drink a coffee, read a book, or do nothing at all. These 15 minutes belong to you and will allow you to reconnect with the present moment.

Moving Your Body

Above all, it is important to differentiate training from exercise. We tend to confuse the two and lose sight of the fun of exercising. Exercise does not mean putting your workout outfit on, nor does it mean sweating a lot or performing. Exercising is simply activating your body for the well-being it brings (gotta love those endorphins!) 

You don’t have to leave the house either! A dancing routine in the living room will do the trick, as will walking up and down the stairs or doing yoga in your sweats. Reclaim exercise and get your body moving; it’s what it’s made for.

Giving Yourself a Sense of Direction

Look at your daily life and ask yourself if your habits are supporting your happiness. Maybe you dream of having one weekend per month without any commitments; maybe your child no longer wants to go to singing lessons on Sundays; or maybe you want to improve your life with boredom sessions that stimulate creativity. Challenging your patterns will allow you to redefine your routines and enhance them. 

Remember, routine is essential for children to get back into shape physically and mentally. Reinstate healthy habits as soon as possible to help them get back to their normal routines. Focus on good nutrition, a consistent eating and sleeping schedule, one outdoor activity a day and activities that promote creativity.

Building Relationships

Take the time to interact with the people you meet on a daily basis. By becoming aware of the people you meet without noticing, you can create beautiful relationships based on empathy. You don’t have to get into a philosophical discussion with the cashier at the grocery store or the janitor at school. By simply greeting these people around you, you will take a step back from your daily worries and generate some human kindness.

Happy getting back in shape!

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