Spring Break Planning Ideas

School’s out, it’s spring break! Set aside your routine, every moment is an opportunity for fun times! To help you fully unwind, we’ve come up with three activity plans to enjoy with your family. Share your photos with us using #centromoments, #CentropolisLaval. Long live new experiences!

Let’s get a full day of action

Looking for a full day of activities? Head to Allô! Mon Coco to start the day with a hearty brunch. Their waffles are hot and fluffy, their fruit bowls are bountiful, and they serve unlimited coffee (perfect for still-sleepy moms and dads).

Once your energy tank is full, challenge yourself to a thrilling activity. Why not venture to new heights with indoor rock climbing at Climb ’n Climb, or surf the wave at Maeva Surf? Guaranteed excitement - and the best part is, it’s open, rain or shine!

Psst! If you want a serious dose of adrenaline, you have to visit iFLY. The indoor freefall will make you experience excitement like you’ve never had!

After all that excitement, pick up a pizza (or two) at Boston Pizza and enjoy it in your living room! For the kids at heart, Randolph’s is a great place to wrap up the day with a variety of board games and a fun atmosphere.

Enjoy some fresh air

Need to get out of the house without necessarily planning something big? Start by getting some fresh air in one of the city’s famous parks for a stroll on foot, on skates or even on snowshoes. The Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, the Bois de l’Équerre or the Centre de la nature all offer trails adapted to these different activities in the heart of enchanting natural settings, perfect for the whole family.

Once your cheeks are rosy and the tip of your nose is just a little frozen, warm up with a square crepe and a milkshake from Crêpinos (their signature crepes are amazing!) before heading to the afternoon’s activity: a friendly mini-golf competition at Putting Edge! Adults could also opt for a game of indoor bowling at Sharx. Challenge each other to a good laugh and the winner could be in for a surprise!

Finally, end the day with some delicious pasta at Monza before heading to the Cineplex Laval theatre (winner gets a treat!) to immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Puss in Boots or Avatar 2.

To an adventure in the heart of the city!

Looking for new discoveries and curiosities? Head to Aventure Mille-Îles to a fun meet & greet with alpacas. Yes, you read that right - there are alpacas this winter in Laval. You can take funny pictures, learn more about these animals' behaviour, and be surprised by their endearing gentleness.

Once your mind is full of memories, challenge your intellect and play an escape game at S.CAPE. You’ll have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles to escape! Not only is it perfect for encouraging sibling collaboration, but it’s also a truly entertaining activity for all ages. Can you make it out in time?

Science enthusiast? Come arouse your curiosity by discovering The permanent 4, 3, 2, 1… Santé! exhibition, by playing scientist and even more at the Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier. Good news, for spring break the opening hours are extended from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.!

All that thinking will surely make your stomach growl… so make a gourmet stop at Jack le Coq or Pizzeria No. 900 on your way out. At Jack’s, you’ll have no choice but to indulge in their crispy and juicy fried chicken, while at No. 900, you’ll be treated to deliciously tasty Neapolitan pizzas (with their thin crust).

Lastly, an adventure in Laval would not be complete without a (re)discovery of the stunning Illumi circuit. Take advantage of one spring break evening to walk the three kilometres of the course and let yourself be amazed by its lights and structures.