Quiz: How should you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Find exactly how to celebrate your Valentine's Day according to your personality. Are you more homebody or adventurer, greedy or wise? Take our quiz to find out.

What is your dream "date"?

A. A romantic evening at the spa

B. A hike outside, then a cold beer

C. A brunch in a good restaurant

D. A home-cooked dinner at home

What do you prefer to eat?

A. Anything as long as it's vegan

B. Chicken wings or ribs

C. A 4 course meal cooked by a well-known chef

D. A comforting dish

What is the best gift to offer on Valentine's Day?

A. A massage or care

B. Tickets for the Rocket de Laval

C. Chocolate, what else!

D. A big bouquet of flowers with a sweet word

What kind of film do you prefer to listen to in love?

A. Fantastic

B. Action

C. Comedy

D. Romantic

Valentine's Day is ...

A. A day to spend quality time with his love

B. A reason to do a couple activity

C. A dinner at the restaurant (not to mention the dessert!)

D. A day like any other, sprinkle with little touches

You have a majority of A ...

Your Valentine's Day should be a moment of relaxation to enjoy each other's company. Why not take advantage of this day to relax with a hot yoga class at Idolem or a treatment at Nüva Beauty and Spa? Extend this moment of well-being with a vegan meal at LOV. Finish the evening at Randolph Playful Pub playing board games.

You have a majority of B ...

You like action! Enjoy this moment to two to move. We suggest you one of our entertainment activities that move air! Maeva Surf, SkyVenture, Climbing Clip N 'Climb or MontVR will boost your adrenaline level. Finish the evening with tickets to share at Jack Astor's question to get over your emotions.

You have a majority of C ...

We feel the foodies in you! Opt for a gourmet Valentine's Day. At Centropolis, you will not miss a choice to feed your love: Corkscrew, Calvi, Les Enfants Terribles or Divaliva. Even better: go directly to the dessert at Juliette & Chocolat or at KandJu. Finish the evening with a popcorn in hand in front of Cinema Cinéplex's latest film.

You have a majority of D ...

Celebrate Valentine's Day in the comfort of your home. To prepare a romantic dinner, do your shopping at Marché Gourmand first to find fresh quality products. You can even make a stop at Ricardo Boutique + Café to find inspiration or a tasty dessert. Create an intimate atmosphere with the perfumes of Maison Berger Paris to make this moment even sweeter.

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