Quiz – Which type of Centropolis experience should you try, according to your personality?

In our current context of a global pandemic, we don’t always know how to fill our days. Did you know that the Centropolis offers four different types of experiences? Complete the fun quiz below to discover your personality type and which type of Centropolis experience is right for you.  

On rainy days, you’re most likely to:

A. Watch 3 seasons of your favourite show on Netflix
B. Prepare meals for the week ahead
C. Shop online and discover the latest fashion trends on Pinterest
D. Boost your energy levels with a yoga session

The following characteristics describe you best:

A. Cheerful, fun: with you, people are always entertained.
B. Foodie, epicurean: your friends are impressed with your cooking skills!
C. A fashion fanatic who loves the latest gadgets: you follow the latest trends in every field.
D. High-energy, sports enthusiast: when you’re not at the gym, you’re hiking a mountain.  

On your travel bucket list, we could find the following:

A. Visiting Cedar Point in the United States – one of the world’s largest amusement parks
B. Enjoying a delicious pizza Margherita with a bottle of red in Italy
C. Shopping for an authentic Louis Vuitton bag in New York City
D. Playing golf in New Zealand  

Which app can’t you live without?

A. Spotify
B. Uber Eats
C. Amazon
D. Beachbody on demand

Your animal totem is:

A. The dolphin
B. The squirrel
C. The peacock
D. The gazelle

Your Instagram account is filled with pictures of:

A. Fun evenings with friends or family  
B. New, trendy restaurants that you try out every week
C. Your #OutfitOfTheDay
D. Your best road trips

Your answers are mostly A’s…

You like to have a good time with your family and friends. Cocooning nights are important to you and fill an important part of your weekly schedule. You also love to have fun, go on adventures, get out of your comfort zone and distract your mind. For you, life is all about fun and entertainment. A case of the giggles? You get them every day!

You have a cheerful personality – try out the Be entertained experience. You’ll love our fun activities such as:

  • Watching a movie on one of Cineplex’s 18 screens
  • Enjoying a bowling game while having a drink in good company at Sharx
  • Testing your strategic skills with board games at the Randolph Gaming Pub (they even offer Singles’ date nights!)
  • Escaping into virtual reality with Mont VR
  • Climbing the walls at Clip ‘n Climb (now available, a great promotion on their unlimited access summer pass)

Your answers are mostly B’s…

You have a curious nature. Most of your outings are spent trying out new restaurants or going on road trips to find the latest microbrewery. You’re absolutely unable to answer the question, ‘salty or sweet?’ since you always want to taste everything on the menu.

You have an epicurean personality. Our Let’s Eat experience is right for you! Whether it’s indulging in something sweet for you (and your dog!) at Juliette & Chocolat; enjoying a cold beer at 3 Brasseurs (bring your kiddos on the weekend – they eat for FREE) or at Balthazar, where you’ll find over 100 different beers; or creating your own cheese and deli meat platter by finding everything you need at the Marché Gourmand… You’ll find everything to satisfy your taste buds. Why not plan for a gourmet tour by stopping at several places in the same day?  

Psst…speaking of food, did you know that since June 22 and until the end of September, the Promenade du Centropolis has been converted to a pedestrian street to offer you our restaurants’ Expanded Terraces?  

Your answers are mostly C’s…

You’ve perfected the art of shopping for years and fashion holds no secret for you. You always follow the current trends, the newest items can be found in your home and you’re the first to know when the next iPhone will be released. When your family and friends want to find you, they know to look in the stores! 

You have a Trendy personality. You’re bold, you love to discover new things and challenges are a must in your life. You’ll love the Shop experience.  

Your answers are mostly D’s…

You love to try new experiences. You’re passionate about sports, fitness and all kinds of activities. Your physical and mental well-being are priorities in your life.   

You have an active personality. Our Energize experience is made for you. Try a session of hot yoga at Idolem, or get a comprehensive food plan at Jenny Craig. Have you ever tried indoor surfing? Get familiar with riding the wave and discover bodyboard and surfing techniques – see the various packages available for your level at Maeva Surf. And why not end the day on a relaxing note with a massage at Nüva Beauté et Spa?

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