Live Centropolis with Lydiane

Recently, we were the star of the platforms held by Lydiane Autour du Monde, thanks to a contest that we organized with the great generosity of Clip 'n Climb Laval, Maeva Surf, restaurant LOV, SkyVenture and La Cordée. Lydiane, passionate about travel, was visiting Centropolis to help 10 of her subscribers have a dream day at her side.

But who is Lydiane?

Followed by more than 62,000 people on Instagram and more than 100,000 people on Facebook, Lydiane St-Onge, her full name, is a travel enthusiast who decided, in 2013, to leave her sedentary life to become a traveler on time full. Through its platforms, it shares with its audience its experiences, its adventures, its states of mind and discover the essential of its destinations.

Here is an overview of this memorable day that has been watched closely by more than 20,000 @lydianeautourdumonde subscribers.

10:30 am, arrival of the winners and first meeting with Lydiane at SkyVenture

Lydiane and her 10 fans have tasted the sensations experienced by paratroopers, during the free fall portion of their jumps at a speed of 200 km per hour. For the vast majority of participants, this was the first time they tried the experiment. Seeing the smiles and joys expressed will certainly not be the last!

1 pm, discovery of the LOV vegan restaurant

By sharing a delicious vegan meal at LOV, the winners were able to discover Lydiane from every angle, learn about her "influencer" career and her adventures. Stars shone brightly in the eyes of her admirers. A meeting they will not soon forget!

Maeva Surf
2:30 pm, time to challenge the wave at Maeva Surf

During her many escapades, Lydiane was able to titillate the wave and experiment with surfing. So it was no surprise to her admirers to see her exercising so confidently on the inner wave at Maeva Surf. A sport unknown to the participants, but highly appreciated! They were able to tame the wave and fall in love with the sport thanks to the "Flow Pros" instructors.

17:00, the cherry on the sundae at Climp 'n Climb

It is between more than 30 thematic climbing walls that the dream day ended. Participants challenged Lydiane to climb the wall in as few seconds as possible. It is with success that Lydiane ranked 3rd in the directory of the fastest people! A moment and a day engraved in the memory of Lydiane and the 10 winners!

Thank you

Finally, we would like to thank La Cordée for giving a gift card to all participants.