Five Plans for an Amazing Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect time to introduce some flexibility into the family schedule, to slow down our daily pace and most importantly, to have a blast! Looking for inspiration this year to entertain the whole family? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered! We’ve thought of five plans to escape your routine this spring break. Whether you are looking to get active, try something new, or just relax, fun is on the menu - guaranteed!

Plan to Be Active

Spring break is the perfect time to go play outside! Even if Mother Nature likes to sometimes play tricks on us, there are always different ways to enjoy the outdoors. Thrill-seekers can go cross-country skiing, tubing or snowboarding in the new snow park at the Centre de la nature. Or would you rather explore nature? We suggest hitting the hiking or snowshoeing trails at the Bois de l’Équerre, where you’ll have the chance to observe winter wildlife as well. 

And to make the most of your outdoor activities, make sure the whole family has a full belly before heading out on your adventure! A hearty protein breakfast at Allô! Mon Coco is the best way to fill up on energy for the day.

Plan for a Getaway

Would you have preferred to spend your spring break somewhere warm and sunny, rather than surrounded by snow in Quebec? You don’t have to go far to get a change of scenery and feel like you’re travelling! Put on your swimsuit and come for a surfing experience with Maeva Surf! For beginners or the little ones, the “Surf 1st experience with instructor” package is perfect for an introduction to this water sport. And as long as you’re pretending to be in the Caribbean, why not end the day with a dinner at Carlos & Pepe’s to enjoy the zesty flavours of Mexico? Time for a fiesta!

If you’re looking for a less adrenaline-fuelled getaway this spring break, the Illumi multimedia event is perfect for the whole family to marvel at. Approved by young and old alike!

Plan for a Challenge

This spring break, there’s no better way to escape the routine than to try out a new activity! For a great challenge, try S.Cape’s escape games that appeal to your strategic skills, logic and team spirit. Choose the universe that most intrigues you and try to escape in time! Want to test your physical strength by trying a new sport? Climbing is a fun and exciting activity that will appeal to both young and old. Book your climbing session at Clip ’n Climb and get moving while having fun.

After all that excitement, reward the troops with a visit to Juliette & Chocolat. Whether you decide on a decadent dessert or something healthier, no one will judge you!

Plan for Surprises

Looking for new sensations and unique experiences? There’s plenty of choice! Dive into virtual reality at MontVR and discover all the incredible possibilities it offers. You can even have the experience at home by renting a device! Want to have some fun and do something different? Try Putting Edge’s brightly lit mini-golf courses, which will amaze players of all levels.

And to finish off this unusual day full of surprises, we invite you to discover the square crepes from Crêpinos, which you can top in a variety of ways... each more incredible than the last!Crêpinos

Plan to Relax

Spring break is also the best time to take a break and relax. Between two sports or entertainment activities, don’t forget to relax a little. A quick trip to Cineplex Laval to see the latest movies will provide wonder to the whole family and give them a break from their daily routine. 

For the perfect cocooning day at home, choose an S.Cape escape game to play online, or pick up a new board game at Randolph from their wide selection. And don’t forget to stock up on KandJu candy to keep your neurons buzzing!

Have a great spring break!