3 Centropolis merchants to take away during cold days

With the return of the cold weather, we often prefer to stay cozy at home rather than freezing outside. That's why this month, we invite you to discover 3 go-to destinations at Centropolis that you can take with you in the comfort of your home!

Brûlerie FARO

Start in force at Brûlerie FARO

If your day hasn't really started before your first cup of coffee, take one from the Brûlerie FARO with you! The freshness of their soothing aromas will kickstart your day. Brûlerie FARO has been offering superior-quality products since 1982, such  as classic, terroir, exclusive and responsible coffee beans! La Brûlerie also has a large selection of bulk coffees that you can take home to relive the FARO experience during snowy mornings and sleepy weekends!

Pub Randolph

Reinventing Cocooning with Pub Randolph

Looking for a festive evening? Bring your friends together for a fun and unique evening at Pub Randolph! Discover new party and strategy games with entertainment professionals and prepare your next evening of board games at home! Selections of games are on sale on site and you can also choose to experience the full Randolph experience at home! For groups of 10 people or more, gaming professionals come directly to your home to host your evenings and highlight your events. You can even make special requests for personalized games and quizzes. All you have to do is make your reservation.

Les Enfants Terribles

Become a Pro at a distance with Les Enfants Terribles

Would you like to improve your culinary skills—but you want to spend your day relaxing on the sofa? No problem! Les Enfants Terribles has thought of everything! Take advantage of your non-working day to listen to the entire web series where they explore must-have recipes, cooking techniques and cocktail contests. You'll definitely have a mouthful of great ideas! And the series will make you want to get out and enjoy their comforting dishes in a chic rustic setting at Centropolis.