Reducing Water Consumption

A waterless mechanical sweeper cleans the parking areas.

Our fountain operates ON a closed circuit, always reusing the same water.

All of the toilets in the office buildings are low flow (six litres per flush), which is obligatory for all tenants. As for our retailers, we strongly recommend that they use toilets with six litre tanks.

All of the urinals in the office buildings are equipped with presence detectors.

Centropolis also possesses a rainwater management system (Stormceptor) that recovers sediments and, if necessary, hydrocarbons. The system is periodically inspected and emptied.

A computerized program controls the irrigation of landscaped areas. It is authorized in relation to the schedule set out by the city of Laval as well as in relation to the actual amount of rainfall on the site.

Centropolis has installed water meters at the restaurants and at retailers, as well as in offices, in order to analyze water consumption and to intervene with the tenants if necessary.

Centropolis has made restaurant operators aware of their water consumption. For example, the choice of equipment purchases such as air-chilled refrigerators. We recommend and encourage the installation of presence detectors for taps, toilets and urinals.