Centropolis’ Green Initiatives


The fountain is illuminated by LED lights. This lighting is automatically controlled through progressive electronic timers (Astro), which take into account the cycle of the seasons, all connected to photoelectric cells that adjust the lighting in relation to the light intensity of the day. At midnight, half of the lighting is automatically shut down in certain parts of the parking area.

Each building is equipped with controls that are computerized and independent of the lighting. They are programmed to shut off the lighting at the end of regular office hours and, as needed, personnel working at night can turn the lights back on at any time. We have begun a partial replacement of the lighting of the first building that was constructed, building H, where we have installed 15 W compact florescent bulbs instead of 90 W bulbs.

The exterior lighting was installed according to a hierarchy of lamp strengths: the closest to the ground at 150 W, then at 250 W and the highest at 400 W. This hierarchy allows us to supply the necessary lighting to residents while minimizing energy loss.

Centropolis has begun to implement the Quadlogic system in order to be able to calculate the actual electrical consumption of common areas, as well as the consumption of those renting offices, and to intervene with them as necessary.

At Centropolis, the lampposts and directional signs are lit by LED lights in order to reduce electrical consumption.

All of the windows on the site are thermal pane and have a coating to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning.