Emissions and Effluents

For each tenant, Centropolis has installed on the roof one or more HVAC units calibrated to the specific needs of the business. Each tenant is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment they have been allocated. Centropolis carries out follow-ups on this maintenance; each tenant is required (as written in the lease) to have a service contract with a specialized company. This contract outlines the frequency of the changing of filters, belts, lubrication and visual inspections. The contractor carries out preventative maintenance during four annual inspections according to a detailed contract that specifies:

  • The frequency of filter changes;
  • The cleaning and washing of the condensers;
  • Tune-ups and repairs;
  • Seasonal starts and stops;
  • Alerts to any anomalies;
  • As well as many other specific issues.

All Centropolis air conditioning is provided by roof-mounted units. Centropolis only installs new units, and the oldest ones date from 2000. All of the units use the same type of gas, namely HCFC-22.